About Us

Manasyaa wants to create a platform where we can proliferate awareness and provide individuals with information and helpful resources and just cultivate, educate and uplift the masses in general. We aim to spread positivity and actively channel energy, and enthusiasm into something productive and fruitful.

Listen alongside The Manasyaa Foundation as we talk about important social issues with some esteemed guest speakers 

The creative outlet of the Manasyaa Foundation, find in-depth write-ups done passionately by the members on crucial topics that plague us

Action precedes thoughts, and it is the aim of the Manasyaa Foundation to spread positivity through their actions everywhere. Take a look at all the fun and exciting events conducted by the foundation

Our Collaborations

Many more people who dream of the same world stand with us, through different aims and actions. They bring experience and skills that allow us to prosper to newer heights and achieve new triumphs. The team of Manasyaa is eternally grateful to the organizations that have collaborated with us!

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