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About Us.

“Have in one’s mind,” Manasyaa Foundation is on a journey to embark on the light of knowledge, strength, positivity, uplifting and uniting with the youth to make a change. We plan to emphasize and focus on various agendas, topics and issues prevailing in the world. This initiative has been fired away by the youth, for the youth, to the youth!


Our Mission.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Act for a reason everyone thinks of, BE THE MOTION TOGETHER.


Manasyaa wants to create a platform where we can proliferate awareness and provide individuals with information and helpful resources and just cultivate, educate and uplift masses in general. We aim to spread positivity and actively channel energy, and enthusiasm into something productive and fruitful.

Aditi Chadah, Founder-President of Manasyaa Foundation

Aditi, a 22-year-old professional, holds a degree in RTA Sport Media from Toronto Metropolitan University, showcasing her expertise in the dynamic field of sports media.

With a commendable five-year tenure in the charity and non-profit sector, Aditi is at the helm of the Organ for Life Foundation, concurrently managing responsibilities at Manasyaa. Her multifaceted skill set includes roles as a digital media and marketing strategist, a social impact strategist, and a community engagement specialist, reflecting her commitment to making a positive difference through strategic and impactful initiatives.

Aditi Chadah, Founder-President

Our Team.

Our team members are of paramount importance as we collaboratively strive to contribute positively to society.

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